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Young Robert Zimmerman

March 29-30, April 1-2, 4-6, 8-11, 1968


YOUNG ROBERT ZIMMERMAN, performed at the Avalon Theatre, St Lucia, in March /April 1968, was obviously inspired by, and formed a tribute to, Bob Dylan, who contributed so much to modern musical culture on a global scale.

The revue was written by William Young (Yang) and produced by William Young and Graeme Johnston.

The revue was organized by Anthony Job, David Hunter, Lecki Ord, Richard Lambourne and Graham Curtis.

The Stage Managers were Paul Brammer and Phil Downey, with Claire Heike attending to the Front of House.

The programs were produced by Doug McKay.







Photograph by William Yang

Sets were provided by Rex Addison and Charlie Fick, with flats by Ashley Talbot, Max Bannah and Doug Ford.

Stage Lighting was provided by Mike Hughes, Bob Riddel, Fred Van Os and Bruce Harvey, with projections by Fred Van Os.

Sound was provided and operated by Leigh Wayper, Bruce Window, Ken Stevenson and Max Bannah.



The Relief of Lucknow


What Are You Doing

The Highest Camp

The Highest Camp

Photographs by William Yang

The Cast, in no particular order, included:

Sue Raine, Galena Chekalin, Lindy Crofts, Sue McGachae, Lyn Salmon, Carol Campbell-Brown, Liz Burns, Lecki Ord, Margaret West, Jeremy Ward, Peter Johnson, Brian Porter, Russ Smith, Chris Smith, Greg Frazer, Alan Neight, Graham Reynolds, John Ross, John Petrie, Max Bannah, Chris Meyers, Brian McCulloch, Bill Groves, Alan Johnson, Barrie Reuter, Ross Gilbert, Peter W Joyner, Gavin Patterson and Ray Bourke.

Others who assisted in various ways were Don Watson, Col Langdon, Ian Smith, Haig Beck, Harvey Russell, Col Lewington, Dale Tudman, Dennis Hopkins, Paul Memmott, Lex Carter, Arthur Athanasiav, Gilbert Kerr and Robbie Ireland.

Gavin Patterson’s Country and Western Spectacular also performed as part of the Revue.



Peter Cox contributed a film, The Red Balloon, which was arguably one of the first song clips ever made in Australia. The film captures Neville Twidale chasing a red balloon through the Brisbane Central Business District, with cameo appearances by Ralph Tyrrell and Lex Carter.

The clip was shot on Super 8 film and the backing track was performed live each night, in sync with the projection.


Architecture Revue Band

By this time the core members of the band had foreseen a direction for the band and committed themselves to a musical future beyond this revue. In addition to the core members, for YOUNG ROBERT ZIMMERMAN, the line up had evolved to now include:

During the production of this revue, Ralph emerged as the dominant songwriter and arranger for most of the material, with William still providing the words to many of the songs, particularly those most integrally linked to the revue’s theme.

The songs performed in YOUNG ROBERT ZIMMERMAN included:


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