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High on a Hot Banana

July 27-28, August 2-5 1967


In Brisbane 1967, psychedelic was the buzz word! Whilst the reality of the drug induced-haze of West Coast America may not have yet impacted in Brisbane, we certainly had read and heard of the exploits of those drug-crazed radicals. HIGH ON A HOT BANANA, performed at the Avalon Theatre, St Lucia, in July /August 1967, cashed in on the link to those banana-smoking hippies.

The revue was written and produced by William Young (now Yang), with organizational support from Lecki Ord.

Paul Brammer was the Stage Manager, with Claire Heike attending to the Front of House.





Photographs by William Yang

The sets, designed with an elevated backdrop to accommodate the band, were provided by Rex Addison and Chris Hills with the following helpers:

Dick Allom, Espie Dods, Doug McKay, Doug Ford, Max Bannah, Graham Reynolds, Dick Lambourne, Dick Palluchís sister, Alan Johnson, Rita Spencer, Don Watson, John Waschner, Haig Beck, Dick Thomson, John Wilkinson, Bob Martin, Bob Riddel, Graham Young, Mick Leo, Marguirite Stringer, Phil Downey and Fergus Johnson.

The stage lighting was provided by Dick Stringer with psychedelic flashes and flickers contributed by Fred Van Os, Mike Hughes and William Young.

The sound system was provided and operated by Leigh Wayper and Ken Stevenson.



This is High on a
Hot Banana!

Triple Concerto

Psychological Western

Photographs by William Yang

The Cast, in no particular order, included:

Carol Campbell-Brown, Lindy Crofts, Margaret West, Lindy Davey, Lecki Ord, Beth Ord, Robin Hesse, Sue Faine, Terry Cullen, Mike Komoff, Lou Godotto, Glen Spry, Dick Rowe, Alex Goulevitch, Paul Smith, John Ross, John Petrie, Milan Paul, Michael Durack, Bob Buchan-Hepburn, Ian Newberry, Phil Ellick, Russell Hall, Max Bannah, Chris Meyers, Brian McCulloch, Barrie Reuter, Ross Gilbert, Peter W Joyner, Roger OíSullivan, Bill Grove, Ross Foley, Allan Davies.

The Costumes were designed by Graeme Johnston.


The Architecture Revue Band - AKA Hot Bananas

To further reinforce the psychedelic theme, at Williamís instigation, a scratch band was formed for this 1967 revue to write and perform drug-themed songs such as the opening and closing numbers.

The band was handled the HOT BANANAS and the line-up comprised:

The songs performed in HIGH ON A HOT BANANA included:


Music hosted by: