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The Architecture Revue Band was formed in 1967 to make musical contributions to the Architecture Student Revues which at that time were being performed every year at the Avalon Theatre, St Lucia, Brisbane.

The Revues carried forward a long tradition of university studentsí satirical overviews and comments on the politics and current affairs of the day. These particular years were fuelled by the Vietnam War, the Bjelke Petersen Government and the youth revolution which was sweeping the world at that time.

Under the direction of William Young, now known as William Yang, the Architecture students at the University of Queensland had taken over the production of student revues from the Arts and Law students.

Williamís first revue was OWO in 1965, followed by RINTHFíTANG, Son of OWO, in 1966.


High on a Hot Banana

In 1967, at Williamís instigation, to reinforce the psychedelic theme established for HIGH ON A HOT BANANA, a scratch band was formed to write and perform supportive material.

The band was handled the HOT BANANAS and the line-up comprised:

Most of the music was written by Gavin, with Neville providing the opening and closing theme songs.

William provided the words to most of the songs.

Ralph, who was yet to reveal his potential, also contributed a song.


Young Robert Zimmerman

By 1968, through attrition and a commitment by the core members of the band to a future direction, the line up for YOUNG ROBERT ZIMMERMAN had consolidated and evolved to include:

During the production of this revue, Ralph emerged as the dominant songwriter and arranger for most of the material, with William continuing to craft the words to many of the songs.


Classical Stuff

By 1969, Peter had moved to Sydney and was not available for CLASSICAL STUFF, leaving the following line-up:

Ralph had now consolidated his role as the dominant songwriter and arranger, with emerging contributions from Tony. Williamís contribution as the wordsmith had diminished commensurately by this time.



By 1970, William had also moved to Sydney and AWOPBOPALOOBOPALOPBAMBOOM was jointly produced by Max Bannah, Ross Gilbert, Ralph Tyrrell and Tony Rose, with direction by Max Bannah. The band had lost its trumpet section, but gained a string section and a chorus line. Graham Davis also joined the line-up:

Ralph and Tony wrote all of the material for this revue.

These student revues formed a significant part in the development of live theatre in Queensland. In those years, for want of an alternative creative outlet, the Architecture faculty and the revues in particular, formed a magnet for talented students, many of whom moved on to careers in photography, film making, music, theatre and related activities.

The revue band was a vital part of those revues, writing and performing its own material, very much in the same way that Pink Floyd was emerging from architectural colleges in London at about the same time, but obviously on a much smaller scale.

With the eventual scattering of the band in the early 1970ís, Neville and Graham commenced careers as architects; Tony performed lead roles in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, before a lengthy sojourn in North Queensland finally brought him back to an architectural practice in southern Queensland; and Ralph has pursued a successful career as a songwriter, composer and musician together with an involvement in multi media productions.

Almost 40 years since first formed, the core members of the band, Tony, Ralph, Neville, Graham and later Graham Davis, have re-formed and are working towards a number of possible outcomes. The line-up now also includes Fedor Medek on piano as Peter Joyner is now living in Singapore.

The possibilities planned include: