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The material presented on this Web Site is an earnest attempt to record for posterity the history of the Architecture Student Revues performed at the Avalon Theatre, St Lucia during the years 1965 to 1970.

The information has been extracted from programs and the collective memories of those we have contacted to date. By the nature of this process, inaccuracies may have occurred. Apologies in advance for any such inaccuracies contained or implied herein. Please contact us in order that the matters can be corrected.

Quite a few have changed their names; many others probably now have different preferred Christian names; and, for many others, their names were simply spelt incorrectly in the source material. Errors known to us have been corrected, but there is much scope for similar inaccuracies. Even within the musical component of the revues, many of the band members have different recollections of the names of songs and they rarely correspond to those on the programs!

The site presently focuses on the activities of the Architecture Revue Band in its various configurations during those years. Our longer term intention is to expand the content of the site to capture more of the theatrical performances presented in those shows, together with a capture of the later productions which flowed from those revues.

Please contact us with any tangible items or recollections which may be relevant to the compilation of the history of what we believe was a vital part of theatre in Brisbane at that time.