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Classical Stuff

May 8-10, 12-17, 1969


CLASSICAL STUFF represented the culmination of the evolution of the Architecture Student Revues under the direction of William Young (now Yang). With a larger than ever cast and support crews, and a larger management team, the production took the revues to a truly professional level.

The revue was written and produced by William Young.

Margaret Robertson and Marion Knowles were the conveners with secretarial support from Jennifer Mitchell.

Publicity was arranged by Terry Taylor, Colin Beaseley and Wayne Arthur

The Stage Managers were Phil Downey and Michael Komoff with the following Stage Crew:

Peter Marquis-Kyle, Ian Miller, Glen Busby, Bruce McKinloy, Terry Farr, Ian Mitchell, Sue Hall, Lindsay Adamson, Glen Spry and Peter Zahnleiter.

Front of House was managed by Eric Woodford

The Business Managers were Peter Ham and Doug Ford.





The sets were designed by David Maitland and Gary May, with props by Mick Leo.

Cynthia Muirhead contributed the hand props.

The stage lighting was provided by Fred Van Os with Paul Burmester and Claire Heike.

The sound system was provided and operated by Bruce Window, Richard Drewe and Ian Herbert.

The Costumes were designed by Liz Hurst and Sue Faine.



The Cast, in no particular order, included:

Jill Jordan, Lindy Crofts, Terry Taylor, Margaret Tonge, Jan Sargeant, Gillian Hardy, Margaret Robertson, Laurie Simpson, Paula Wigan, Lindy Morrison, Margaret Early, Cynthia Burnett, Cynthia Muirhead, Shirley Storer, Robyn Schumman, Beverley Horton, Gwynnyth Evans, Prue Gibbs, Ross Gilbert, Max Bannah, Barrie Reuter, Nicholas Langton, Roger Stuart, Bill Grove, Peter Cox, Alan Johnson, Alf Dansey, Warrick Gould, Gavin Patterson, Wade Agnew, Peter Holt, Neale Hooper, Steve Matovic, Daryl O’Brien, John Hokeings, David Cox, Ray Burke, Stuart Markwell, Terry Farr, Bob Gibson, Don Sanderson and Nev Hayes.



Peter Cox provided two films for the revue, The Red Balloon and Cornflakes, with soundtracks contributed by the ARCHITECTURE REVUE BAND

Tony Jordan also provided two films, Something Weird and Bang


The Architecture Revue Band

As had happened for the rest of the revue, the band had also evolved into a professional group of musicians. Befitting the theme, Christine Rose, Tony’s sister, played some truly classical stuff to embellish the band’s musical contribution to the production.

By 1969, Peter had moved to Sydney and was not available for CLASSICAL STUFF, leaving the following line-up:

Ralph had now consolidated his role as the dominant songwriter and arranger, with emerging contributions from Tony. Although still prominent in the credits, William’s contribution as the wordsmith had diminished commensurately by this time.

The songs performed in CLASSICAL STUFF included:


Music hosted by: