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June 25 – July 4, 1970


1970 was a watershed year for the student revues. William Young had graduated and moved to Sydney, leaving his protégés to carry on the productions. Many of the regular cast members were also moving on and sadly, although equally successful, AWOPBOPALOOBOPALOPBAMBOOM proved to be the last of the Architecture Student Revues performed at the Avalon Theatre.

Many of those involved with the Avalon revues continued to collaborate on productions at the new Schonnel Theatre on the Campus proper, together with pop operas such as CHILDHEAD’S DOLL and movies such as SURRENDER IN PARADISE.

In the early 1980s, a new generation of like minded students took up the challenge and produced a further successful series of revues.

AWOPBOPALOOBOPALOPBAMBOOM was jointly produced by Max Bannah, Ross Gilbert, Tony Rose, and Ralph Tyrrell. Max Bannah also directed the Revue with production management by Gary May.

Phil Downey was the Stage Manager with the following crew:

Mick Komoff, Ian de Gruchy, Peter Chilton, Keith Austin, Paul Malone, Graham Peck, Peter Robertson and Peter and Michael Macrossan.

Front of House was managed by Sylvia Bannah, Pam Endres, Terry Cullen and Ros Gibbs.

Business Management and publicity were provided by David Hunter and Margie Tonge.

Typing was provided by Marianne Hucko and Sue Simpson.







The sets were provided by Kent Endres, Gavin Patterson, Michael Komoff, Phil Downey, Don Watson, Rex Addison, Mike Hughes, Sylvia Bannah, Paul Burmester, Bob Hepburn and Graham Peck, with screens by William J Klease, Mullet Head and Ron Berry.

The stage lighting was produced by Errol Martin, Kent Endres and Mike Hughes.

The sound system was provided and operated by Leigh Wayper and Eric Black.



The cast included Lindy Crofts, Jan Sargeant, Robyn Schumann, Ray Burke, Jane Hyde, Ross Gilbert, Bill Grove, Carol Porter, Peter Cox, Rob Philp, Prue Gibbs, Max Bannah, Tony Rose, Andrea Robson, Kim Passmore, Brian McCulloch, Nick Langton and Barrie Reuter.



For 1971, a calendar incorporating content from AWOPBOPALOOBOPALOPBAMBOOM was produced, containing photographs by Ron Berry, David Hunter and Foto-Art Pty Ltd.


The Architecture Revue Band

The band had lost its trumpet section, but gained an embryonic string section and a chorus line. Graham Davis had also joined the line-up:

Ralph and Tony provided all the words and music for this revue.

The songs performed in AWOPBOPALOOBOPALOPBAMBOOM included:


Music hosted by: